World Relief Canada wordt Tearfund Canada vanaf 1 januari 2018
Welkom tot de Tearfund Familie



  1. To be part of something bigger– Tearfund is the largest network of Church-based relief and development agencies in the world. For over 30 years, we have partnered with Tearfund on many projects around the world , often with the same local partners. There are independent, national Tearfund agencies in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. Together, the Tearfund family serve in over 50 countries. With this change, we will become an official part of this international compassionate Christian network.
  2. Commitment to the Church– Both Tearfund and World Relief hold the deep-seated belief that long-term social change can start with the local church. We see the local village church as part of the largest social service network in the world. Tearfund has been the leader in this area for almost 50 years. We have always been involved with the Church, but we will expand programming in that area. Joining the Tearfund family will mean our name matches our organizational priority.
  3. Avoid name confusion– Our name  often causes confusion. There are multiple relief and development agencies with “World” or “Relief” in their names, but we are not just another relief and development agency. We are committed to the call of God to serve the poor, through the local church wherever possible. The name Tearfund is internationally recognized and respected for this distinct call.

Our commitment to the highest quality of delivery, to humanitarian standards and to technical expertise in our program areas, like agriculture and village savings and loans will not change. We recognize that we still have much to learn and that our partners in poor communities around the world have much to teach us. We seek to follow Jesus where the need is greatest, which we define as serving those living in greatest economic poverty. We will continue to serve the poorest and most vulnerable within communities. As Tearfund Canada, working alongside the Church of the Global South, we look forward to an even greater impact in the years ahead.


  • Faster response times in a crisis.
  • Even more sustainable results
  • Leveraging more resources, knowledge and effort
  • Enhanced, consistent reporting
  • Greater and long-term connection with the Church of the Global South


  • Our identity as a ministry of the Canadian church
  • Our loyalty to our denominational and church partners
  • Our status as an independent Canadian charity
  • Our membership in Canadian Foodgrains Bank
  • Our relationship with the Global Affairs Canada
  • Our Board, leadership, and staff
  • All pre-authorized giving arrangements
  • Our address and phone number

We invite you to continue in this exciting new phase of ministry with us.
Starting January 1st, please visit us at our new home online